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Expect plenty of questions. Every project begins with the best skills a former business journalist can bring: a relentless curiosity, ability to digest complex information, excellent writing, and great listening.


A true understanding of your needs for each project comes from deeper knowledge of the goals, challenges, and climate your organization must navigate. Even the most complex ideas or products can be turned into clear, engaging, effective content. See examples.

Case Studies

Case studies and client success stories show your business at its best. Give an in-depth look into how you solved a problem, changed the game, or thrilled your customers just by being who you are.

Reports & White Papers

Showcase your authority, expertise and effectiveness with a well-researched and sharply written piece that has staying power. Build trust and relationships by educating clients about key aspects of your business or industry.

Thought Leadership

True thought leaders add depth, not just noise. It takes skill to mine your expertise for unique and valuable insights. Turn your opinion pieces, social posts, and public talks into  must-haves for peers and clients.


In a competitive environement for funding and new business, flawless proposals need to tell the story of who you are and how you deliver. A writer with solid grasp of goals, audience and language can make all the difference.

Perfect Fit

Sometimes you don't yet know the best way to get your message across. A case study? Brochure? Newsletter? Infographic? Blog?

No problem. Together, we can determine a strategy that builds on your existing communications and moves you closer to the future you want.

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