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X Editorial is founded on the idea that the best communication, no matter what the form, is about human beings talking with human beings. When limited time, important goals, and competing messages are added to the mix, then clear, skilled, targeted communications are crucial. A bit of good humor helps, too.

Led by a skilled wordsmith and strategic thinker, X Editorial is the missing link for organizations that need powerful content to reach important audiences. You’ll find a thoughtful partner who brings to the job a box of tools, not a bag of tricks. As needed, a team of trusted professionals in design, social media and other specialties join in to deliver exactly what you need, when you need it.


Jennifer Oladipo

Founder & CEO

If you want the story told compellingly, accurately and engagingly, Jennifer's your woman. She has been responsible for some of the sharpest, liveliest copy to cross my desk. Her knack of getting to the heart of what matters -- to the subject as well as the reader -- makes me always glad to see a Jennifer Oladipo byline."

Jerry Sally, Editor in Chief, Community Journals

Without fail, Jennifer delivers quality stories in a timely fashion. She offers up a variety of views for each piece she has written, bringing to light various aspects that might have otherwise gone unnoticed. She has never missed a deadline, and she has always been friendly, cooperative and enthusiastic. I would happily hire her again."

Holly Lang, founding Editor Pine Magazine

An award-winning journalist, Jennifer Oladipo founded X Editorial to dig deeper and become a partner with clients, rather than an observer. More than 15 years of journalism and communications for nonprofit and for-profit organizations fostered an ability to understand complex information and ideas, and convey them powerfully to diverse audiences.

I had the pleasure of working with Jennifer on the development of a brochure describing the concept of "Environmental Justice" and the air quality issues in Louisville's "Rubbertown" area. She has great skills as a writer and communicator, and is very familiar with a range of environmental and justice issues both from her academic background and her work in journalism. I recommend her without hesitation.

Tom Fizgerald, Director, Kentucky Resources Council


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